Thursday, April 23, 2009

85 days and counting.......

Thanks alex and shawna for letting us come over and have a family meeting at your home! the meeting went very well. We discussed the menu, the budget, housing and hotel accomidations, and everything is looking really good. We should be able to do everything we were hoping to do.

Nancy and I will go to rent the Kingsburg High School Pool on 05/01/09, for Sunday 07/19/2009 for the hours of 1130-400, hopfully... when I tried to go on 04/01/09 they changed the date to start the bookings of the pool, SO that is going to be super fun!!

For the Big Day event Saturday 07/18/2009

The Mens Breakfast is still happening please call alex if you planning on attending 559-974-0503
Debbie is doing the slide show. Are you needing anything debbie for this? more pictures of the family members?
Mandi (tio evelio's daughter)and Beckie are working on some activities, but if you have games or ideas please post them.
Family T-shirts have been brought up by many of the family members. if your family is wanting to wear t-shirts for sat, 07/18/2009, like the last reunion then go for it!! my dad's family will be wearing a reunion t-shirt. Beckie is creating a design for us, you can design whatever your family likes.
Another topic of interest is that we are hoping we can house as many families who are having to travel as possible. The hotel rates in Selma are pretty reasonable, but can add up for families, so Kique, Mandi, D'andra, Alex will let me know who from their siblings and parents can host a family or two here. Lisette, Amy Crandell, Lolito/Nora, Karina if you can call me and let me know who from your families would like to stay at someones home or hotel. # 559-238-5538.
Tia Nena and Tio Ramiro will be staying with grandma. There have also been talks about fixing up the casita in the back for another family? we need to meet on that to see what needs to be done, from what I understand just a little TLC.
Lisette does need an estimate to hold rooms at the hotel to get the discounted price so the sooner we know the better!
There are still a few families who haven't responded back wether they will be coming or not. I will be calling just to find out soon if they will be able to make it. There is a rough estimate of 175 people coming!!!

Please post anything or comment on any questions you may can also call me at 559-238-5535...