Friday, July 3, 2009

we have about 2 weeks for the reunion!! yay!! I am anticipating an awesome turn-out!! everything seems to be falling in to place and I can not wait to see everyone and take lots of pictures!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Another hotel option...cheaper

I checked the rate at the Quality inn in Kingsburg. The hotel has been completely renovated so it should be decent and as Yvonne said, "not poochie. I got a rate at 73.99 plus tax. They too will offer a hot breakfast. I blocked out 10 rooms for Friday the 17th thru Sunday the 19th. Call 1-559-897-1022 and ask for Garza reunion rate. I wasnt sure how many rooms to block out. Should I block out more? I dont know how many families plan on getting a hotel but if you plan to you need to do it soon because remember the rooms will come off hold two weeks prior to the event.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do you need a Hotel?

I havent put any rooms on hold as of yet. I hope no one has tried to call and make reservations. Sorry time has just flew by. I cant believe the reunion is only months away. And that my son will be 2 years old on July 16th. Wow how time flies. Anyways, I am going to put about 15 rooms on hold at the Holiday Inn, in Selma by Friday the 22nd. If you need a room call the hotel directly (phone number is posted on the left hand side of the blog page) and ask for the Garza rate and book it. Two weeks before the event so after July 3rd the rooms will come off hold and I cannot guarantee the same rate at $95.00. There is also a new Quality Inn right in Kingsburg that I noticed the last time I was there. It looked pretty decent. I will call and check their rates and ask if they can put any rooms on hold for me without a credit card. All hotels work differently so I will let you know. Please blog any questions you may have. I cant wait to see everyone there. Oh yeah and we are planning to have a cake and pinanta at the pool event for my boy, Damien who will have just turned 2 so come ready to party!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So have you thought about a t-shirt... 

There are so many websites that provide custom prints and I wanted to share with you the one Yvonne and I chose this weekend.  

We ordered some samples on Sunday morning and I got them in the mail on Tuesday... I could not believe the fast turn around.  

Here is the website we went with: they have "hanes tagless t-shirts"

I also wanted to share the image that we are using.
We choose a light blue t-shirt and decided to put this on the back with our names...
If you would like to use this image,  just let me know and I will provide it for you. 
Any color, any names... 

We will also be buying button pins with Grandma and Grandpa's picture on it to wear in front.

email Beckie

Thursday, April 23, 2009

85 days and counting.......

Thanks alex and shawna for letting us come over and have a family meeting at your home! the meeting went very well. We discussed the menu, the budget, housing and hotel accomidations, and everything is looking really good. We should be able to do everything we were hoping to do.

Nancy and I will go to rent the Kingsburg High School Pool on 05/01/09, for Sunday 07/19/2009 for the hours of 1130-400, hopfully... when I tried to go on 04/01/09 they changed the date to start the bookings of the pool, SO that is going to be super fun!!

For the Big Day event Saturday 07/18/2009

The Mens Breakfast is still happening please call alex if you planning on attending 559-974-0503
Debbie is doing the slide show. Are you needing anything debbie for this? more pictures of the family members?
Mandi (tio evelio's daughter)and Beckie are working on some activities, but if you have games or ideas please post them.
Family T-shirts have been brought up by many of the family members. if your family is wanting to wear t-shirts for sat, 07/18/2009, like the last reunion then go for it!! my dad's family will be wearing a reunion t-shirt. Beckie is creating a design for us, you can design whatever your family likes.
Another topic of interest is that we are hoping we can house as many families who are having to travel as possible. The hotel rates in Selma are pretty reasonable, but can add up for families, so Kique, Mandi, D'andra, Alex will let me know who from their siblings and parents can host a family or two here. Lisette, Amy Crandell, Lolito/Nora, Karina if you can call me and let me know who from your families would like to stay at someones home or hotel. # 559-238-5538.
Tia Nena and Tio Ramiro will be staying with grandma. There have also been talks about fixing up the casita in the back for another family? we need to meet on that to see what needs to be done, from what I understand just a little TLC.
Lisette does need an estimate to hold rooms at the hotel to get the discounted price so the sooner we know the better!
There are still a few families who haven't responded back wether they will be coming or not. I will be calling just to find out soon if they will be able to make it. There is a rough estimate of 175 people coming!!!

Please post anything or comment on any questions you may can also call me at 559-238-5535...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Family Meeting

There will be a reunion meeting on
04/04/09 @ 6:00PM, Alex and Shawna's house.

BBQ potluck: bring meat and side dish.

call Alex @974-0503 or Yvonne 238-5535

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is someone already assigned to working on the slide show? If that person needs some help, I'd be happy to oblige. -Debbi

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here's the Latest..................

The Budget has been set for $2500.00

Kingsburg Gun Club House rental: 150.00
Food/Drink set-up (decoration) estimated at $850.00
Invitations/postage: $150.00
Kingsburg High School Pool Rental: estimate $100.-150.00 per hour plus lifeguards.

Just a note on the KHS pool:
Depending how many people go to this event, I am pretty much expecting everyone,that is the way "they" charge per hour, also I CAN only reserve this date of 07/19/09 after April 1st, On that date I reserve the pool I MUST have the payment and an estimated head count.

Invitaions and Reply cards have been sent out. Please send in your reply card by the date requested, let your family members who are not on the blog know. We will need at least $30.00 per invitation, if you can send more to contribute to this 2 day event that would be awesome!

If we receive more contributions and have well enough to pay for everything that is budgeted there has been other suggestions that can be done for our reunion, such as..................
Mariachi 's playing at the Gun Club ( Alex were you going to get a quote?)
Photographer for "Our Family" group picture ( can someone get some estimates and post)
Copies for each family of the Slideshow that will be shown
Game stuff for saturday event
BBQ food/Drink for Pool Party

If anyone else has any other suggestions, Questions or comments Please do not hesitate..........


Here they come... invitations are in the mail.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

YAY!!! I think we have a least a member from each family on the blog, Finally! Thanks everyone for getting excited about this reunion just as much as Beckie and I are!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hotel room rates

Ok so heres the 411 on the hotel for the reunion. I was able to get a group rate at the Holiday inn in Selma it’s a three diamond property (diamonds are AAA ratings) and its about a 20 minute drive from the Kingsburg gun club where the reunion will be held.

I was able to get a rate of 95.00 plus tax per night. Now that rate does include a full breakfast at their restaurant onsite. That’s a really good rate, it normally goes for about 149.00. I checked another hotel the Colonial inn Selma that property is a 2 diamond and does not include breakfast and they gave me the same rate at 95.00. So I think the holiday inn would be a better choice. There is also a Super 8 that I can check if 95 dollars seems to high for anyone but that one is rated a 1 diamond. I usually book my customers including myself in at least a 3 diamond property maybe a 2 but definately not a one diamond. Ok ok you can call me a hotel snob but I dont mind paying just a little bit more for something a little nicer and cleaner. You can always get one room with two beds and split the cost up 2 ways even 3 or 4 ways depending on whome you room with. I will go ahead and check to see what rate I can get for the super 8 tomorrow. Then maybe we can block some rooms out there then some at the Holiday inn. That way everyone can choose based on price and quality where they would like to stay.

How it would work is I would be able to block out a certain amount of rooms out and as people decide if they want to stay there will need to call them direct and ask for the Garza reunion rate and book it or let me know and I can call for you. You would have to give a cc to guarantee the room so actually it may be best that you call directly then you would pay when you get there upon check in. Then 2 Weeks prior to to the date of the reunion the rooms will be released back into the inventory. So everyone who wants to book a room would have to call by July 3rd. Cause im thinking people will most likely need the room for 2 nights July 17-19, Friday thru Sunday. Correct?

Now I know that Amy has connections too so Amy you may want to check that same hotel to see what rate you are able to get. It’s the Holiday inn Selma Swan Court in Selma. In the meantime I think I should go ahead and block out some rooms since it won’t cost us anything, the only question is how many rooms should I block out?

Now I only checked rooms in Selma is there another city I should check? I think that Selma would be the closest to Kingsburg Right? What about Visalia how far is that from Kingsburg? Should I check Visalia? I dont know please advise Kingsburg folks.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Found this photo after cleaning out my closet.  This is grandma blowing out her birthday cake on her 90th B-day...April 2002.  Did she really have 90 candles?  This picture reminded me that she enjoys the time when her loved ones are together and will blow out 90 candles or even hit a pinata.

Yvonne mentioned something about celebrating grandma's b-day when we get together.  I think it is a great idea.  She will be 97.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Name Game continues..........

Lets keep this game moving.....
To the left of the screen under "Name Game" Grandpa Pablo and Grandma Casimira's kids are named with their spouse and their children. It is time to extend that,Lets get Grandma Casimira's great grandchildren and or great-great grandchildren named, but first there are a couple of Grandma Casimira's grandkids missing.........

TAG Alice and Tonia your it.....
Can you name tio Char's oldest daughter and youngest son?

Also, name tia Nena's baby boy and spouse.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Official Date

The majority vote was for the weekend of July 25th however, Adam was told that there is another party reserved on that date so Adam will reserve the Gun Club Hall on July 18th. It is possible that other events for that Friday 07/17/09 and Sunday 07/19/09 will be planned but more details to come.