Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here's the Latest..................

The Budget has been set for $2500.00

Kingsburg Gun Club House rental: 150.00
Food/Drink set-up (decoration) estimated at $850.00
Invitations/postage: $150.00
Kingsburg High School Pool Rental: estimate $100.-150.00 per hour plus lifeguards.

Just a note on the KHS pool:
Depending how many people go to this event, I am pretty much expecting everyone,that is the way "they" charge per hour, also I CAN only reserve this date of 07/19/09 after April 1st, On that date I reserve the pool I MUST have the payment and an estimated head count.

Invitaions and Reply cards have been sent out. Please send in your reply card by the date requested, let your family members who are not on the blog know. We will need at least $30.00 per invitation, if you can send more to contribute to this 2 day event that would be awesome!

If we receive more contributions and have well enough to pay for everything that is budgeted there has been other suggestions that can be done for our reunion, such as..................
Mariachi 's playing at the Gun Club ( Alex were you going to get a quote?)
Photographer for "Our Family" group picture ( can someone get some estimates and post)
Copies for each family of the Slideshow that will be shown
Game stuff for saturday event
BBQ food/Drink for Pool Party

If anyone else has any other suggestions, Questions or comments Please do not hesitate..........

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rebeccaharper said...

WOW...looks awesome and so happy for everything to be coming wil be so nice to see everyone and make so many memories....