Monday, December 29, 2008

Let's get this Party started!!

Just wanted to share with everyone some details for the Reunion.
Adam is still waiting on the Gun Club Lady to see if we can get 07/25/09 reserved.
Beckie is working on the invites and reply cards, so we will need everyones address, if she does not have it either myself or Beckie will be calling to get it.
Adam will be taking care of the food/menu for the event. He will be contacting people he needs for help.
Nancy has opened up a bank accout for the donations that are needed to help pay for this event. The invitations will state more details and the $ can be sent with the reply cards.
We will need several volunteers to help for this party to set-up and clean-up, also if anyone has ideas for entertainment during the lunch/dinner, please let us know.
Lisette and Amy any hotel rates?
Who can Host a family or two?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can we make this date official?

It would be nice to set the official date for the reunion. 

JULY 26th, 2009

 Adam: Can you check with the Gun Club about July 26th& 27th.  This weekend seems to be the popular vote.  

It also looks like the Gun club reservation will be a one day event and any other BBQ's or get togethers can be determined later.

Once the prices on catering are determined then we can work on the invite/flyer to send out ASAP.  

Lissette: Did you check on the local hotels for discount prices?
Yvonne, Nancy & Esther: How are the catering quotes coming along?
Yvonne: Can you scan the "La Garza" card in Loteria?

If you haven't checked out the Shutterfly Photo Gallery, you have to check it out...Esther and Kique just posted some pictures of the reunion 16 years ago... Keep loading photos, they will be so much fun to look at on a slideshow... if you need access just leave your email and Debbi or I can get you started.