Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can we make this date official?

It would be nice to set the official date for the reunion. 

JULY 26th, 2009

 Adam: Can you check with the Gun Club about July 26th& 27th.  This weekend seems to be the popular vote.  

It also looks like the Gun club reservation will be a one day event and any other BBQ's or get togethers can be determined later.

Once the prices on catering are determined then we can work on the invite/flyer to send out ASAP.  

Lissette: Did you check on the local hotels for discount prices?
Yvonne, Nancy & Esther: How are the catering quotes coming along?
Yvonne: Can you scan the "La Garza" card in Loteria?

If you haven't checked out the Shutterfly Photo Gallery, you have to check it out...Esther and Kique just posted some pictures of the reunion 16 years ago... Keep loading photos, they will be so much fun to look at on a slideshow... if you need access just leave your email and Debbi or I can get you started.


Larry and Yvonne said...

this sounds great Beckie!! I will get on it about the catering and the bingo card.

Amy Crandell said...

Can you give me a list of the local hotels? I work for Expedia.com and can check into a discount also. Just a thought.

Larry and Yvonne said...

yay! amy, I am so glad you joined in!!
i know of these off hand
Selma; colonial inn (best western, I think), holiday inn.

Amy Crandell said...

Thanks. I think I'll wait until we get a little bit closer. I have a travel agent card so I might be able to find some sort of discount. Usually I have to be there to sign in, but since I'll be there anyway. I think we'll be able to figure something out.

rebeccaharper said...

That sounds great Amy...

Larry and Yvonne said...

I am glad to hear that you guys are planning on coming!! What about the rest of your family? Have they said anything?

Amy Crandell said...

I'm not sure. I know that Mandy is going to try. I really don't know about the rest though.

Larry and Yvonne said...

I hope so! I would love to see everyone!!!

Larry and Yvonne said...

Alice or Mandy... you guys had your parents aniversary party and served a chili verde plate, did you get that catered or how was that done, how many were at that party? That was a very nice party :)

Larry and Yvonne said...

Here is a quote I got from
Royal Catering:Contact person is Virginia # 559-875-4329

I gave a rough estimate of 150 people attending...

$8.00/person (paper plate)
$4.00/child under 10, she stated that they give less on their plate.

Buffet syle set-up, they would serve (for portion control)

Chile verde, Barbacoa, rice beans,green salad, 2 different dressings, tortillas.
no drinks included, no chips and salsa included. Virginia said that if we were to get our own chips and salsa for the tables, it would have to be store bought, not home made because of the liabilty.

They will only set up the buffet table and we would do clean up.

$500. deposit is required at the time of booking, and shje daid she has 07/25/08 open, right now.

I am not sure if the food will be good? That is what the hard part is, I am taking her word for it.

I will check out other places still..

Adam what's going on with the dates? can you give a rough estimate on you doing the food?

Is Daya still up for being the banker?

Beckie., sorry I will get that picture scanned for you!!

Ok guys, can't wait to read the feedback!! I hope this idea to have a reunion doesn't just fade away!

Amy Crandell said...

Yvonne, I think that Cas, Bessie, Loly, Charin and my Grandma are coming down for Christmas. Make sure to talk to them about it while they are down there and get them pumped up. I'm sure they would love to come back in the summer.

Larry and Yvonne said...

I sure will! I can't wait to see them :) Hey california people we should together when they come to hang out!!!

Amy,is your mom's internet working yet? Can you answer the Name game question, I tagged her about 1 week ago, check under "adam's post"
try to answer it and tag some one else, please..Thanks :)

Larry and Yvonne said...

oops amy, check under "what about adam" post...