Monday, December 29, 2008

Let's get this Party started!!

Just wanted to share with everyone some details for the Reunion.
Adam is still waiting on the Gun Club Lady to see if we can get 07/25/09 reserved.
Beckie is working on the invites and reply cards, so we will need everyones address, if she does not have it either myself or Beckie will be calling to get it.
Adam will be taking care of the food/menu for the event. He will be contacting people he needs for help.
Nancy has opened up a bank accout for the donations that are needed to help pay for this event. The invitations will state more details and the $ can be sent with the reply cards.
We will need several volunteers to help for this party to set-up and clean-up, also if anyone has ideas for entertainment during the lunch/dinner, please let us know.
Lisette and Amy any hotel rates?
Who can Host a family or two?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can we make this date official?

It would be nice to set the official date for the reunion. 

JULY 26th, 2009

 Adam: Can you check with the Gun Club about July 26th& 27th.  This weekend seems to be the popular vote.  

It also looks like the Gun club reservation will be a one day event and any other BBQ's or get togethers can be determined later.

Once the prices on catering are determined then we can work on the invite/flyer to send out ASAP.  

Lissette: Did you check on the local hotels for discount prices?
Yvonne, Nancy & Esther: How are the catering quotes coming along?
Yvonne: Can you scan the "La Garza" card in Loteria?

If you haven't checked out the Shutterfly Photo Gallery, you have to check it out...Esther and Kique just posted some pictures of the reunion 16 years ago... Keep loading photos, they will be so much fun to look at on a slideshow... if you need access just leave your email and Debbi or I can get you started.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Off the reunion subject for just a little bit I though it would be cool for us to say what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving day.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Next Question.

So there has been discussion about catering for the reunion, either with an outside agency or with local all needs to be paid for.

So the poll on the side is...

1. Do we require everyone to pay that wants to attend?
This could be anywhere from $15-20 per person (kids at a lower rate)

2. Do we ask for a Donation?
This would be an option for those who cannot afford a per person plate.
We can also state  a "Suggested Donation" of the amount per person it would cost.

Everyone's input is needed ;)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adam's Post

Here is a post from Adam. You can find the original comment here, he just needed a little help posting a new post.

Hi everyone it's Adam. First off I love the whole idea of a reuninon so I am willing to do what ever is needed to get this done. The friends that cooked at my wedding are the frends I had in mind. They didn't charge for their labor only the materials, but I wouldn't ask them to do that for this. Keep in mind that I had all the turkey meat donated from another friend and my wedding was over three years ago and the price of food has gone up. After saying that I fed over 500 people for less that 500 dollars. For those of you in washington thats a dollar a person :) Now that is just the cost of the rice, green beans, rolls, salad, and fruit salad. I have helped these same friends with other weddings and catering jobs. The trick is to have the food done before the party starts. The way that this is accomplished is a simple menu and preperation. For instance Alex and I have talked about deep pitting a pig. Not a bad idea. I bought a hog for a friends family today. The price was $1.00 a pound. 200 pound pig, $200.00. A friend has a special bbq to rotiserie a whole pig and a technique to cook chicken inside it at the same time. A pig that size would feed about 200 people and take 3 hours to cook. The up side is that to prep it would only take half an hour, after that it would be just adding charcoal. What I am getting at is I have access to all of my friends equipment and the gun clubs equipment, it would just be replacing them with us. I will still ask what thier cost would be and let you guys know. When I was shopping for my wedding caterers I found a Mexican outfit that was $5.00 for a plate of rice, beans, chile verde and tortillas. I like the idea of Deya handling the money. If I were to cook I would buy all the stuff before and then send my receipts to Daya to be reviewed and payed back. In closing I don't want to sound like I want to take charge of anything, just want to help out. I feel kind of guilty that I haven't been to washington since Oscar's wedding and am willing to go the extra mile to make that up. Also e-mails can sound kind of cold sometimes and if any body wants to call me they can 559-908-9838 thanks
November 25, 2008 3:43 PM

Monday, November 24, 2008

What about Adam?

Let's not forget to check with Adam... he just signed on the blog we us. He has lots of resources and before there are any definite plans about catering and food, we should hear from him. 
He actually might be a good resource to hold the donations for the food & place because of his membership to the Gunclub. 

Name Game Updates

This is the official move to use Great and Great-Great Grandchildren in the game.  Don't forget the spouses!

Tags still not answered:
Alice & Tonia tagged Paul & Norma: Name Tia Ninfa's kids and spouses.
Mandy McDonlad tagged Vicki Bentley: Name Tio Hector's Grandkids
Mandy Rivera tagged Washington People: Name souses of Annie, Alice, Danny & Mandy

Use this post for tagging and comments!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Step taken so far for the reunion.....

This weekend me, Nancy, Beckie, Greece and her husband Shawn, Alicia, and Yvonee got to sit down after all the fun and messy games and discuss and throw around some ideas on where we should start and what steps should be taken next for this reunion to become a reality. Cause time flies and before you know it July will be here. So with that being said it looks like the majority of everyone so far wants the reunion catered which was my vote as well. I think this is a great idea so we dont have to worry about the food, set up and clean up. So where we stand right now is Nancy will be calling some local caterers within the next few weeks and getting an estimate of how much per person for a plate, 13 years old and up. Younger children were thinking may only have to pay a couple of dollars not full price. But how much all depends on the price though so thats not set in stone yet. We are thinking Mexican food which is inexpensive and tastey. Everyone agree? Also, we talked about how we would go about collecting the money and how that would work. I didnt mention it there cause I wanted to talk to Deya, my sister before I offered her up to the resposibilty (she missed out on all the fun had the yucky cold thats going around and stayed home) Anyway she is great at managing money, very trust worthy and really organized and has agreed to it. So what we would do if everyone is ok with it she will open up a subaccount under her account but name it Garza Family reunion but any checks for payments for the food and any other expenses we think everyone should contibute to would have to be made out to her so she can deposit into that account. She would have record of it and can even send out a reciept once your payment has been recieved if you would like. Does anyone have a problem with her doing this?

Also, once we set the date a flyer will be sent to everyones home were hoping by mid or end of December. Very important we will need everyone to rsvp by email or phone to myself or Yvonne. Phone numbers and emails I will post later. Then once the rsvp's start rolling in and we have an idea of whos coming and whos not we will set a deadline as to when your money has to be paid by. All that will follow later so keep on checking the blog for important news.

Any other ideas and input is welcome. It did really help though being together and talking about it. So consider us The Garza reunion committe if you guys have any questionsor would like to be part of the committe let one of us know. Lets make this happen. When I talked to Grandma this weekend I felt that she feels like its a big big challange and hopes we can pull it of. I told her she just needs to stay healthy and that it is going to happen. So lets all pray for her and keep her strong and healthy for the Reunion and many more years to come. Alright until next time its past my bed time.

Thanksgiving Celebration

We got together at grandma's to celebrate Thanksgiving this past saturaday,11/22/08. This was a nice day and it was great to get together again!! Everyone seemed to have a good time!! There are more photos on the family site at Shutterfly so check them out!!
Alex came up with some games. Here are some clips of the them, I hope you like them.

This was the CHUBBY BUNNY game! They had to stuff big marshmello's in their mouths a say
"chubby bunny" It's not that easy!!

For this game there was a pie pan full of flour and a piece of bubble gum hidden in there. The players could only use there mouths!! At the end of this game Esther does make a bubble and wins! Watch Cindy next to Esther she puts her whole face in the pan!!

This was Musical Oatmeal! You can either pie yourself to stay in the game or pie some one else and your out!! Poor Kique got pied twice by Karissa and then Larry!! Joey was pied my Mandy his mom! This is just a clip of the game when it was already the end.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ok people, Mandy has arrived. Tio Paul's twin sister is Tia Emma and her husband is Tio Joe and their kids are Nancy and Alex - Tio Charin's twin ;).

I am tagging Mrs.Victoria Bentley and she needs to tell us all the names of Tio Hector and Tia Celia's grandkids.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Abuelita Casimira

Grandma really would like all her family here for this reunion, so we thought we could send out kinda an invite to everyone so that the family could get excited and wanna come to see her! All she kept saying when we were doing this was that it was going to be "BIG" She knows how big her family is!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Family Photos

These are some of my favorite family photos! I hope you all like them.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's Play the Name Game.

So I thought I would start some action on this blog spot with a fun name game. There are so many people in this family, we need to know everyone's name. Also, we need more contributors from the family.

Name Game Tag... if someone "tags" you, you are it.
For the first round, we will start with Children & Grandchildren.
Once everyone has been named, we will move on to Great and Great-Great Grandchildren.

Here are the Rules:
1. You can ask someone to name anyone in the family (max 5).
Example: " Name family members who live in Parlier" or " Name three of Tio Paul's children.
2. So, yes, this might be easier at first... until we get down to the great and great-great...
3. I will be placing a list off to the side once the name has been used. Once a Name is listed either in a question or anwer, it is out of play
4. Once a Name is listed in either a question or anwer, it is out of play
5. Make sure the person you are 'tagging" knows...if they are a member or you have their email... or even if you have direct contact with them, I think it will be fun!!!

Let's Start ...


Name Five Children of Tio Char and Tia Aurora

Friday, November 7, 2008

We have two spare bedrooms and a travel trailer that will sleeps 6.
It's time to plan a Reunion!

Grandma Casamira is now 96 years old and has a family of 208 (anyone know exactly?) It is time to celebrate.

Join us on this site to get info and share with others.

So What has been talked about?

1. July 2009 looks like the best time to plan, vote for the best weekend possible on the left hand side.

2. Adam has access to the Gun Club in Kingsburg, which will be a large enough place to hold us all. The cost of this is $150.00 a day... does this sound like a possibility?

3. BBQ, Potluck or Catered? Vote for this one too!

4. Traveling plans: Since this will mostly affect the family in Washington and Texas/Mexico we need to know who is willing to open up your home for people to stay.

So far: Alex, Yvonne, D'andra have offered their house for anyone to stay.

Let us know what you think.

All Family Members are welcome to post comments, information and pictures. Join us!

Yvonne and Beckie

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Email addresses

If you would like to contribute to this blog, just leave your email and I'll add you to the site.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time to pick a date

On the left hand side vote for the weekend that works best for you.