Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adam's Post

Here is a post from Adam. You can find the original comment here, he just needed a little help posting a new post.

Hi everyone it's Adam. First off I love the whole idea of a reuninon so I am willing to do what ever is needed to get this done. The friends that cooked at my wedding are the frends I had in mind. They didn't charge for their labor only the materials, but I wouldn't ask them to do that for this. Keep in mind that I had all the turkey meat donated from another friend and my wedding was over three years ago and the price of food has gone up. After saying that I fed over 500 people for less that 500 dollars. For those of you in washington thats a dollar a person :) Now that is just the cost of the rice, green beans, rolls, salad, and fruit salad. I have helped these same friends with other weddings and catering jobs. The trick is to have the food done before the party starts. The way that this is accomplished is a simple menu and preperation. For instance Alex and I have talked about deep pitting a pig. Not a bad idea. I bought a hog for a friends family today. The price was $1.00 a pound. 200 pound pig, $200.00. A friend has a special bbq to rotiserie a whole pig and a technique to cook chicken inside it at the same time. A pig that size would feed about 200 people and take 3 hours to cook. The up side is that to prep it would only take half an hour, after that it would be just adding charcoal. What I am getting at is I have access to all of my friends equipment and the gun clubs equipment, it would just be replacing them with us. I will still ask what thier cost would be and let you guys know. When I was shopping for my wedding caterers I found a Mexican outfit that was $5.00 for a plate of rice, beans, chile verde and tortillas. I like the idea of Deya handling the money. If I were to cook I would buy all the stuff before and then send my receipts to Daya to be reviewed and payed back. In closing I don't want to sound like I want to take charge of anything, just want to help out. I feel kind of guilty that I haven't been to washington since Oscar's wedding and am willing to go the extra mile to make that up. Also e-mails can sound kind of cold sometimes and if any body wants to call me they can 559-908-9838 thanks
November 25, 2008 3:43 PM


rebeccaharper said...

Hey Adam

I think the pig is a great idea too...I think it would be great if you can handle the food for the reunion and I think a lot of people will step-up and help out. Do you think it might be a little easier if the money was handled by you? Just so that you are not taking money from your pocket? Or maybe having Daya do it, makes a good check and balance system?

Larry and Yvonne said...

Adam, this sounds like a good idea to me too! Let us know about any more info you get. I know we need to know about the date we can reserve, so if you can get that info to us sooner rather than later then the next step can be made! Thanks Adam for your input!!

Adam said...

I still would like to have Daya be the book keeper if she is willling. Besides there could be other costs that come up along the way that we are not thinking about. Also I am really bad about asking for money. I don't know if Daya is up to that challange and I don't think the responsability is all hers, but I know I am bad at that. Second, I am not saying this is the best way to go about the food. Other people could have better ideas and I am all open to hear them. About the gun club. So every one is on the same page I will desribe the process. The Gun club is a member only club. You are not allowed on the club grounds unless you are a member or with a member. The only exception is if you book the club house. We will be doing that, although it will be under my membership. The up side to that is the cost $150.00 for me or $1500.00 for a non-member. The down side is that Becca or I will have to be there almost all the time. We don't mind that at all, just keep in mind the set up and take down time for the decorations. The booking includes the use of the club house and kitchen facilities. It does not give us exclusive rights to the grounds. In other words other members can use the grounds to shoot, boat, camp or picnic. Members usually don't shoot or camp this time of year on a Saturday, so that shouldn't be a problem. Depending on the river, there may be some boaters and picnicers. Most of these activities fade off that late in july and are almost always down by the beach area away from the club house. Agian I still think we should explore as much food options as possible and make a decision on that later after we figure out the money we can raise and how many people are going to make it. One suggestion to Daya is as you collect the money keep us updated to the balance so we can push each other. Kind of like those thermometers they keep for fund raisers. I know I am long winded so I will stop. I guess I haven't learned blog etiquette

Larry and Yvonne said...

I think as soon as we send out the flyer with the information on when and where and what time and also about the donations and people rsvp we can get a much better idea of what will need. Nothing is definite yet, and the more of us working on this is better so we have more options.

Lisette do you think you can send me Daya's email address?

I love how we want to make this happen!! I was talking to my dad today and he is really excited too! He wants this expierence to be a good one and that we have fun!

rebeccaharper said...

I am glad to hear everyone's comments and I thin k the next question is... Donation or Cost?

Lisette said...

I think Adam your ideas for food are great and you should be in charge. The pig sounds yummy i def think we should do that.

Larry and Yvonne said...

Adam, if you wanna figure what the cost will be, trying to include everything,that would be great so we kinda have a figure in mind. Call me if you need to talk,

Lisette if you have Daya's email so she can get voice her ideas, if she is the bookkeeper.