Friday, November 7, 2008

It's time to plan a Reunion!

Grandma Casamira is now 96 years old and has a family of 208 (anyone know exactly?) It is time to celebrate.

Join us on this site to get info and share with others.

So What has been talked about?

1. July 2009 looks like the best time to plan, vote for the best weekend possible on the left hand side.

2. Adam has access to the Gun Club in Kingsburg, which will be a large enough place to hold us all. The cost of this is $150.00 a day... does this sound like a possibility?

3. BBQ, Potluck or Catered? Vote for this one too!

4. Traveling plans: Since this will mostly affect the family in Washington and Texas/Mexico we need to know who is willing to open up your home for people to stay.

So far: Alex, Yvonne, D'andra have offered their house for anyone to stay.

Let us know what you think.

All Family Members are welcome to post comments, information and pictures. Join us!

Yvonne and Beckie


Yvonne Buendia said...

Hopefully everyone gets pumped up about getting together again as I am! I can't believe it has been already 16 yrs since the last reunion, it is definitly time! My home is open for a family and probably my parent too! The more families from here that can open their doors the better for the families who have to travel! I know that Adam was going to check to see when he could reserve the GunClub house, that is a nice area to have the party. The cost of $150 isn't that bad when you consider splitting the cost between families? Having it catered would be great, but we should consider also the cost for the families who have to travel, so maybe just keeping the dinner or luncheon nice and simple? I know that everyone has to have some ideas for this reunion, so post them or leave a comment! Having every single member of this huge family would just be awesome! Lets CELEBRATE with grandma Conchita while she's still here to enjoy it!!

Paul , Norma said...

Hi Yvonne, Can't wait to see you all again! What a great idea! let us know how we can help.

Jacqueline Q said...

Yay. Glad our family is staying in touch through blogger. I enjoy this site. Im ready for a reunion for sure. Im sure anything will be fun with all of our families together. Good to hear from ya. Ps. HI POPS! nice to see you have a blogger now. haha way to stay up with the fast technology.

D'Andra said...

Hi everyone ~ I too think a reunion sounds very cool. The gun club still looks good and I think it would be better to do a BBQ with the California-Garza's doing alot of the labor & splitting the cost up with everyone. Catering would be great but who would annie-up the money before hand?

Even though I live in Fresno, I've got two spare rooms and a comfy couch in the living room for those who don't mind driving to all the activities. I'm probably about 45-minutes from Kingsburg.
My mom (Gracie) has couches too and I'm sure she would love the company. (For those who don't know, my mom lives in Clovis about 2-minutes from me now.)

Hope everyone is well and I look forward to HELPING.
Hint hint my sweet wonderful cousins; don't do all the work yourself! Email me and I'll keep in touch too.

Love you, D'D

rebeccaharper said...

Hey D'andra... I think we will need help with the slide show, collection of photos... I am not sure how to do this without leaving anyone else...or have the space to hold everything... Debbi's shutterfly site is awesome, but I am not sure if you can download directly from the site multiple times...I think google has a picassa site in which you can download and hold photos..if you want to help this would big project....

Yvonne Buendia said...

Thanks D'andra, that we would be a great idea if the California-Garza's did most of the labor and cost there are alot of us here!! what does everyone else think?

This is totally a "FAMILY AFFAIR" so everyones help and suggestions are needed!

Henry and Esther said...

Hi, Yvonne You know you can count on us. Keep us posted,

Roxanne said...

Hello everybody, This is so cool! What a great way to keep in touch. I would be happy to help, just let me know.

Yvonne Buendia said...

Thanks Henry & Esther!! I love ya guys!!

Hey roxanne so happy to hear from you!! Hope you guys are doing good!

If someone can get Ricky's and Ralphy's email address and post is that would help...don't wanna leave anyone out!!

rebeccaharper said...

I am so happy to see everyone joining in...

Debbi said...

The Shutterfly site is safe and you can download the original size photos from there as many times as you like. It's easy to add your photos but if you're technologically challenged (or just unsure) you can email me the photos and I'll put them up. You can also send me your originals by snail mail and I will scan them and return them to you by mail as well. I don't mind at all. I know I am not the only one who would like to see what old family photos everyone is hiding in their photo albums (or boxes in the closet) and this way we could all share. I promise to take good care of your photos! -Debbi