Monday, November 24, 2008

What about Adam?

Let's not forget to check with Adam... he just signed on the blog we us. He has lots of resources and before there are any definite plans about catering and food, we should hear from him. 
He actually might be a good resource to hold the donations for the food & place because of his membership to the Gunclub. 

Name Game Updates

This is the official move to use Great and Great-Great Grandchildren in the game.  Don't forget the spouses!

Tags still not answered:
Alice & Tonia tagged Paul & Norma: Name Tia Ninfa's kids and spouses.
Mandy McDonlad tagged Vicki Bentley: Name Tio Hector's Grandkids
Mandy Rivera tagged Washington People: Name souses of Annie, Alice, Danny & Mandy

Use this post for tagging and comments!


Lisette said...

Welcome Adam so glad your on with us.

Larry and Yvonne said...

Hey where is everyone at!! are we still playing the Name Game? Lets go people!!!

Larry and Yvonne said...

Lolito and NOra commented on the "NAME GAME" post..this is what it said:
LOLITO said...
Hello everyone, so fun to read all the comments on this site. Looking forward to the reunion, hopefully all our girls can make it. About the question for any Washington member--not sure the names of the spouses of Tio Evelio's kids. Please lets us know

Larry and Yvonne said...

What happened...we all stopped playing, I still wanna play, I love to read the comments so I am going to answer these and tag some one else, i hope no one minds!!

Mandy R Tagged washington the spouses for herself,alice,danny and annie...

Mandy + Steve
Alice + Richie
Annie + Victor Sr
Danny + Bertha

Mandy M. Tagged all of tio hector's grandkids..

Caleb, Megan, Madilynn, Savana, CT

Alice and Tonia Tagged Paul and Norma.. name tia Ninfa's kids and their spouses..

Daya, Guillermo, Bertha not married

Greece + Shawn
Lisette + Estevan

Now lets move on.......

TAG Debbie & George your IT...

Name grandma conchita's Twins, then name their grandchildren, making those kids grandma conchita's great grandkids?

Amy Crandell said...

Well, I don't know the full answer,but here's what I do know...Tia Emma and Tio Paul are the twins. Saul and Noah belong to Tia Emma. The only one I can think of for Tio Paul is Karissa.

Amy Crandell said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to tag someone...Susie, name the rest of my grandpa's children and George, Maria, and Iris's spouses.

Zack said...

Ok... i'm lost with this whole name game... but i for one am OFFENDED because i don't exist on that list to the side of the main page with all the brothers and sisters, BECAUSE my moms name isn't up there. LOL how about my mom is the oldest of Eleazar and Aurora's kids. THANKS!!!

Amy Crandell said...

Zack, you're too funny. The names don't get posted on the side until someone mentions them. Somebody tags somebody else with a question. The other person answers and tags someone else with a different question. When somebody gets mentioned then their name gets added to the side. Your mom hasn't been mentioned yet so her name isn't on the side yet. Get it?