Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hotel room rates

Ok so heres the 411 on the hotel for the reunion. I was able to get a group rate at the Holiday inn in Selma it’s a three diamond property (diamonds are AAA ratings) and its about a 20 minute drive from the Kingsburg gun club where the reunion will be held.

I was able to get a rate of 95.00 plus tax per night. Now that rate does include a full breakfast at their restaurant onsite. That’s a really good rate, it normally goes for about 149.00. I checked another hotel the Colonial inn Selma that property is a 2 diamond and does not include breakfast and they gave me the same rate at 95.00. So I think the holiday inn would be a better choice. There is also a Super 8 that I can check if 95 dollars seems to high for anyone but that one is rated a 1 diamond. I usually book my customers including myself in at least a 3 diamond property maybe a 2 but definately not a one diamond. Ok ok you can call me a hotel snob but I dont mind paying just a little bit more for something a little nicer and cleaner. You can always get one room with two beds and split the cost up 2 ways even 3 or 4 ways depending on whome you room with. I will go ahead and check to see what rate I can get for the super 8 tomorrow. Then maybe we can block some rooms out there then some at the Holiday inn. That way everyone can choose based on price and quality where they would like to stay.

How it would work is I would be able to block out a certain amount of rooms out and as people decide if they want to stay there will need to call them direct and ask for the Garza reunion rate and book it or let me know and I can call for you. You would have to give a cc to guarantee the room so actually it may be best that you call directly then you would pay when you get there upon check in. Then 2 Weeks prior to to the date of the reunion the rooms will be released back into the inventory. So everyone who wants to book a room would have to call by July 3rd. Cause im thinking people will most likely need the room for 2 nights July 17-19, Friday thru Sunday. Correct?

Now I know that Amy has connections too so Amy you may want to check that same hotel to see what rate you are able to get. It’s the Holiday inn Selma Swan Court in Selma. In the meantime I think I should go ahead and block out some rooms since it won’t cost us anything, the only question is how many rooms should I block out?

Now I only checked rooms in Selma is there another city I should check? I think that Selma would be the closest to Kingsburg Right? What about Visalia how far is that from Kingsburg? Should I check Visalia? I dont know please advise Kingsburg folks.


Larry and Yvonne said...

Thank you so much for all that information! Visalia is maybe 30 mins away from kingsburg and there is also Reedley,not sure of what hotels are there? can you check?
I know I keep asking, but if the local families can open up their homes, contact the traveling families or if the traveling families can contact the locals to see if they can stay with them, before any reservations at a hotel has to be made.

rebeccaharper said...

What a good rate.. and brekfast included... thanks Lisette...

Larry and Yvonne said...

lisette or amy can you check the quality inn in kingsburg. maybe get some quotes for fresno hotels, not sure what locations.

Amy Crandell said...

So, I can get a rate of $61.26 for the Holiday Inn Selma Swan Court for advanced purchase. Or I can get a $75.34 rate for the same place without advanced purchse. These are both for rooms with two queen beds and I'm not sure if the breakfast is included or not. I'm not sure how many rooms I will be able to book at this rate. I do know that I have to be there at check-in for these rates, so it might be a bit difficult for anybody getting to town before me. I'm still figuring out when I will be getting there. I'll try to figure out how many rooms I can book and how it will all work out. I'll also check into some other hotels in the area. I think this was the best deal for the closest hotel I could find.